USDA Project Report Workshop Presentations, August 2017

The Impacts of Conservation Auction Design on Auction Performancea nd Community Welfare: Evidence from Lab and Artefactual Experiments (Banerjee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Incentive Payments for Forest Carbon Sequestration on Private land (Cho, University of Tennessee)

Escaping the Resource Curse: Findings from comparative energy impacts research in the Bakken, Powder River Basin and Marcellus (Haggerty, MSU)

Area Sector Analysis Process: Program Structure and Example Application (Harris, Nevada Cooperative Extension)

Modeling the Dynamics of Tillage Choices (Kurkalova, NC Agricultural State and Technical State University)

Applying Entrepreneurship to Support Farm Viability, Economic Development, and Food Security (Liang, NC A&T State University)

Implications of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership for Food Processing Sector (Luckstead, UA)

Expanding U.S. Market Access In China’s Evolving Agricultural & Trade Policy Environment (Marchant, Virginia Tech)

Impacts from Indicators: Immediate and Longer Term Products from the Indicators for Impact Project (Morales, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

A Comprehensive Assessment of theGeospatial Data Used in the Study of Food Deserts (Mulrooney, NC Central University)

Overcoming Honey Bee Pollination Market Information Deficiencies in the Intermountain West and Pacific Coast (Ritten, University of Wyoming)

Local Foods & School meal Demand (Roe, OSU)

Building rural community resilience in context of protected grasslands (Stewart, UI at Urbana-Champaign

Applied Research and Extension to Support Agritourism in the West (Thilmany, University of Colorado)

The Ricardian Model of Climate Change Impact with Interregional Trade Flows: Evidence from the U.S. Agriculture (Dall’erba, University of Illinois)

Economic Resilience and Community Capitals: A Study in the Estimation and Dynamics of U.S. County Resilience to the Great Recession (Ringwood, University of Idaho)


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