Get Involved

How can you get involved as a CLFRS eCoP member?

With over 400 members, our goal is to put “knowledge to action” by providing resource materials, training opportunities and peer interaction for Extension Educators, community-based practitioners and individuals involved in work related to building sustainable, equitable, and just food systems. Please join our CoP and watch for opportunities like the ones below to get involved.

Ways that you can get involved as a member of CLFRS:

  1. Contribute content. If this is of interest, please contact Katie Wright at
  2. Join a working group or start a new one. More information to come!
  3. Attend our quarterly online membership open forum. Next open forum is April 25. Watch for information!
  4. Like our page on Facebook and join our Facebook group.
  5. Join our Advisory Team. This group is in development and will meet periodically to plan next steps, write grant proposals or plan face to face gatherings. This team also creates working groups to address on-going or short term efforts. If this is of interest, please contact Kathleen Liang at
  6. Support us through funding. If this is of interest, please contact Kathleen Liang at