Cole Ehmke, University of Wyoming

In his work serving the citizens of Wyoming through the Cooperative Extension Service and the AgEcon Department, Cole covers agricultural entrepreneurship as well as personal financial resource management topics.

Projects have included
• coordinating and teaching in the Annie’s Project management training classes for women in agriculture,
• developing a manual for people starting community supported agriculture (CSA) ventures,
• presenting on money management topics, particularly for youth and women,
• developing Passing It On (a collection of materials on estate and transition planning for agriculturalists, available at,
• hosting the annual Consumer Issues Conference (each fall in Laramie),
• supporting local foods projects to promote the production and consumption of foods with a local identity (including the annual Tour de Coop in Laramie and presentations on marketing at farmers markets),
• education on estate planning and personal finance, and
• work with beginning farmers.

Cole also works with individuals on exploring new ventures.

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