CLRFS Leadership Team

North Central Region

  • Jill Clark, Ohio State University

  • Kathryn Draeger, University of Minnesota

  • Carrie Edgar, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

  • Mary Hendrickson, University of Missouri

  • Casey Hoy, Ohio State University

  • Sharon Lezberg, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

  • Helene Murray, University of Minnesota

  • Rich Pirog, Michigan State

  • Samuel Pratsch, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

  • Brian Raison, Ohio State University

  • Greg Schweser, University of Minnesota

  • Melissa Stewart, West Virginia State University

  • Kendra Wills,  Michigan State Cooperative Extension


North East Region

  • Molly Anderson, College of the Atlantic

  • Linda Berlin, University of Vermont

  • Kate Clancy, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

  • Suzanne Gervais, Cornell University

  • Carol Giesecke, Delaware State University

  • Stephan J. Goetz, Northeastern Regional Center for Rural Development, Penn State University

  • Heather Mikulas, Penn State Cooperative Extension 

  • Kathryn Ruhf, Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

  • Lisa Townson, University of New Hampshire


Southern Region        

  • Eunice A. Bonsi, Tuskegee University

  • Christy Cassady, University of Kentucky

  • Nancy Creamer, Center for Environmental Farming Systems, North Carolina State University

  • Nikki D’Adamo-Damery, Appalachian Foodshed Project

  • Phil D’Adamo-Damery, Virginia Tech

  • Kristen E. Gibson, University of Arkansas

  • Tasha M. Hargrove,  Tuskegee University

  • Ronald J Hustedde,  University of Kentucky

  • Joanna Lelekacs, North Carolina Cooperative Extension

  • Kim Niewolny, Virginia Tech

  • Katie Wright, University of Arkansas

  • Virginie Zoumenou, University of Maryland


Western Region                     

  • Gail Feenstra,  University of California Davis

  • Cole Ehmke, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension

  • Lauren Gwin, Oregon State University

  • Marcy Ostrom, Washington State University

  • Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University


National Level           

  • Matthew Benson, USDA: Farm to School

  • John Fisk, Wallace Center at Winrock International

  • Diana Jerkins, USDA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

  • Mathieu Ngouajio, USDA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

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