1st Quarterly Open Forum, January 30, 2019

The first open forum of the year was a wonderful success. 

The forum opened with a brief introduction of our CoP and how to navigate the site by our leader, Kathleen Liang. 

Next, Kathleen and Katie reviewed the membership survey results. 

Q1. What was the initial reason you joined CLRFS?

In your own words:

Q1. Word Cloud

In general, people joined CLRFS for the networking and learning opportunities available through the eCoP. Some joined in hopes of finding research partners or funding opportunities. Some joined per their position requirements. One person mentioned CLRFS as an outlet for research results dissemination. Overall, people want to know what others are doing and would like access to tools and best practices.

Q2. If introducing CLRFS to a colleague, what’s one feature you wish you could offer?

In your own words:

Q2. Word Cloud

The features you wish CLRFS could offer include networking; resources; a working and user friendly website; database of projects, support and best practices; contact information for people doing similar work who are willing to talk with others; information about food policy, safety and conferences; a listserv; work groups; promotional materials about CLRFS.

However, some people indicated that they do not really know who we are or what we do or how to get to the information and resources that we do have, so they cannot really introduce CLRFS to colleagues. We look forward to changing that!

Q3. How can a CLRFS network serve you today?

Q3. Graph

More on the third question results can be find in the pdf of the slides below, or by following this link.

Q4. Comments/Suggestions

In your own words:
Q4. Word Cloud

Most comments and suggestions pertained to a conference. People loved the conference in 2014 do not have the funding to travel to a conference or they go to so many conferences that they cannot add another. The suggestions were that CLRFS be included as a track in an existing conference, or at least do informal (or formal) meetups at them; find a way to do face-to-face workshops more frequently; do frequent webinars and meetings more often than quarterly (perhaps via working groups).


Five individuals gave us project updates. 

  • Building awareness about the interrelationship of food, equity, environment and public health among adults and high school students through Extension. Presented by Aurora Buffington, PhD, RDN, LD, Assistant Professor University of Nevada Cooperative                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Produce Safety Alliance. Presented by Kristin Woods, Ph.D. Southeast Regional Extension Associate 
  • Community Food Systems. Presented by Courtney Long. Program Coordinator, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach; Agriculture and Natural Resources: Local Foods Program 
  • Minnesota Farm Business Management. Presented by Del Lecy, Central Lakes College, Minnesota
  • Local Food Economics. Presented by Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State University

Finally, we heard announcements of upcoming conferences and had a discussion. The pdf of the slides and the audio file of the meeting are included below.

CLRFS eXtension CoP National Open Forum Jan 30 2019.pdf

Click HERE to listen to the audio. 

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