An Introduction to Community, Local & Regional Food Systems

Welcome to Community, Local and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS)

Community, local and regional food systems are increasingly important to individuals, families, businesses, and communities for a number of health, economic, and educational reasons.  Interest in issues related to community, local and regional food systems has therefore exploded of late, and government agencies, universities, Extension services, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurial groups are generating new information, as well as seeking information, on the wide range of topics encompassed within this food systems …

Kim Niewolny, Assocaite Professor at Virginia Tech

Kim Niewolny

Kim Niewolny is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership and Community Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. Her scholarship centers on the role of power and equity in community education and development praxis with a specific focus on social justice and food systems. Her work is grounded in asset-based community development; critical pedagogy, action research; and narrative inquiry. Current funded initiatives emphasize the political praxis of community food work, Appalachian community