2014 CLRFS Food Security Conference and CoP Gathering

The eXtension Community, Local & Regional Food Systems (CLRFS) Community of Practice (CoP) hosted a Food Security Conference September 29 – October 1, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, entitled Building Extension Capacity to Address Community Food Security through Food Systems.  The conference aimed to address critical issues for Extension Educators, University researchers, and community based practitioners  in community food systems work, and explored how these issues influence the application of Extension work to alleviating food insecurity.

Sessions included:

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Community, local and regional food systems are increasingly important to individuals, families, and communities for a number of social, economic, environmental reasons. Interest in issues related to community, local and regional food systems has exploded of late, and government agencies, universities, Extension services, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurial groups are generating new information, as well as seeking information, on the wide range of topics encompassed within this community, local, and regional food systems umbrella.

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