Joanna Massey Lelekacs, North Carolina State University

Joanna is the Extension and Training Coordinator for NC Growing Together (NCGT) which is developing models for connecting small and mid-sized farmers with retail and military markets. She also serves as the Coordinator for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Local Foods Program, the training and resource dissemination mechanism for the outputs of the NCGT and other NC Cooperative Extension local foods programs and projects. In 2010, Joanna began working with Cooperative Extension through the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS), coordinating training and outreach efforts on community-based food systems programming for Extension agents. She recently coordinated the CEFS Incubator Farm Project, a component of Bringing New Farmers to the Table (funded by the USDA Beginning Farmer New Rancher Development Program), working with communities across the state that are developing opportunities for new farmers to access land, training, and connections with local markets.

Joanna has an MS in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MLA in Landscape Architecture from NC State University as well as experience as a community development and project manager. She has additional experience with local food systems as a designer and consultant for farmers’ markets, small new farms, and community gardens; and she is co-owner of a small-scale, commercial produce operation.

Contact Information:

Joanna Massey Lelekacs, MLA
Extension and Training Coordinator, NC Growing Together Project
NC Cooperative Extension Coordinator for Local Foods
Department of Horticultural Science
North Carolina State University
Box 7609
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695

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